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2010-05-18 03:01:12 by Phyrephox

I can now submit audio submissions.
Most of my work put on newgrounds will be beta versions of songs I've written. You can follow my works here:
I will eventually be releasing an album on bandcamp, likely for free.

Temporary Solution!

2010-01-08 03:50:38 by Phyrephox

I finally found a way to get songs off my synthesizer in some form. Unfortunately, only Sibelius can read it so far. Until i get a real mixer, my song quality will be very limited. BUT i am posting the temporary state of one song that i abandoned and used as a test transfer.

Technical failure.

2009-09-17 20:07:02 by Phyrephox

I am unable to transfer any files from my workstation. No songs coming. Ever.

First song in progress

2009-08-06 02:03:31 by Phyrephox

TO ALL WHO CARE. (Yes, all three of you). My first song has had a huge leap forward. I have finished the basic mixing and partwriting, I just need to tweak it, and fix any errors i find. At the rate im goin, it could be up in less than a week.


Song Name: (Undetermined)
Song Style: Trance (like 85% of songs on the portal)
Partwriting: FINISHED
Editing: 80%
Transfer and formatting: 0%
Submission: 0%

My existance is now proven!

2009-08-05 23:32:58 by Phyrephox

First post. New account. Yadda yadda yadda. On to business.
I am working on my first song for submission. Dont know how long its going to take. Don't get your hopes up.